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An excellent protection against corrosion is achieved with powder coating. Powder coating can be applied well with metal components that conduct electricity. Before the actual coating process, the items are washed, dried and a protecting pre-treatment agent is sprayed onto the surface. We use Bonderite and Surtec in our pre-treatment. Both of the agents have their own benefits considering different materials and manufacturing technologies like die-casted aluminium products or steel sheet metal items. After the pre-treatment, a plastic powder is sprayed onto the surface of the product using static electricity. Once the powder has been sprayed on the surface, it is melted in a special oven, creating a smooth protective layer on it. We typically use epoxy or polyester in our powder coating process. Sometimes a mix of the two is the best choice.

Our powder coating line has been built so that we can do the coating with automatic chambers and in case of a challenging item, manual coating can be applied. Challenging items can be enclosure-like items, where to be able to achieve an even surface, the process requires a human or a robot reaching inside.

General info about our painting services:

  • Two independent powder coating lines
  • Possibility of manual coating in five different stations as well as in an automated powder coating chamber
  • The speed of both painting lines is flexibly adjustable

Pay attention to the measurements for objects coming in for coating:

  • The nominal maximum length of the object is 3600 mm
  • The nominal maximum width of the object is 1000 mm
  • The nominal maximum height of the object is 1400 mm
  • If required, longer than max. 6000 mm and max. 1600 mm high objects may be surface finished with special arrangements.


  • Our standard delivery time is 1 - 5 working days (depending on the size of the batch to be painted)
  • We are able to deliver larger batches quickly and flexibly
  • Customers’ own packaging material may be used if required
  • We also offer a possibility for intermediate storage if needed

Other services:

We also perform assembly work according to a separate agreement: e.g. installation of seals, electrical components, plugs, threading and thread openings.

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